ISES 2020

International Social & Environmental Standard

(Review / Upgradation of Standard)

ISES 2020

The ISES 2020 is the revised and advanced former ISES 2000, which was developed in 1995 / 96. The ISES 2020 comprises ten years of work and audit experience with the ISES 2000 with various companies of different sectors. The revised standard was mainly extended by environmental aspects. Further amendments in the field are tested at present and will be included after careful evaluation.

In order for the standards to remain relevant and reflect the stakeholder’s understanding of good sustainability practices, ISES 2020 will be completely reviewed again and subsequently submitted for ratification by the General Assembly of IGEP by June 2018.
Prior to the revision in 2018, any recommended changes to the standard must be made by the appointed review group. Should you have queries on the matter, please send it through or ask us and we will revert to you as soon as possible.


  • Review – Progress Update 2018

  • The ISES 2020 standard will be reviewed again in 2021.

  • Timeline

    (Revised - 16 January 2018)



    Time Frame


    Review group establishment

    October 2017

    1st Steering Group (SG) Briefing

    October 2017


    Preparatory report

    October 2017


    1st Public Consultation - online and Workshops and face to face consultations (60 days)

    Nov - Dec 2017

    Comments collation and analysis

    Jan 2018


    2nd Public consultations - online and workshop (60 days) and field testing

    Feb - March 2018

    Comments collation and analysis

    April 2018


    Final draft submitted to Board

    May 2018


    New Standard (Revised ISES 2020 – Version 2.01) in 2018

    June 2018


    The ISES 2020 standard will be reviewed again in 2021.

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